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Status Information

For Indian status inquiries, please contact:

Jane Dokis, Indian Registration/Membership
940-A Main Street
Dokis First Nation, ON



* Please note that due to constraints under the Privacy Act, we do not conduct individual family research. Research may be directed to the Archives, Office of Vital Statistics, Churches or Census records.

Ancestry inquiries should be directed to:

Library & Archives Canada
Ottawa Genealogical Unit
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON
Toll Free: 1-866-578-7777

(Inquiries must be in writing listing relevant/detailed information)


Note to Band Members -  Please contact Dokis Membership Dept to update any life events of family members (births/marriages/divorce/deaths, etc).  This will keep info current on the band list for Dokis.  All events are entered into the Indian Registry System with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (formerly Indian & Northern Affairs Canada / INAC).

Thank You.




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