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Our Community

Dokis is very proud of their members and the important accomplishments they've made in their lives, their community, and their careers.

Band Office

Elders are highly respected because they have encountered and overcome many hardships and obstacles in their lives. They are our key to the past and from them we have much to learn. Our future lies in our youth. They will be the leaders of tomorrow, blazing new trails and a new way of life for the Dokis First Nation.  This will not be an easy task for them to face but with a good education, strong goals, values, support and assistance from their people, pride in themselves and their culture, they can do anything. They will lead Dokis First Nation into the 21st century.

In closing we include the following quote from "My Heart Soars" by Chief Dan George as inspiration to us all:

"There is a longing in the heart of my people to reach out and grasp that which is needed for our survival. There is a longing among youth of my nation to secure for themselves and their people the skills that will provide them with a sense of worth and purpose. They will be our new warriors. Their training will be much longer and more demanding that it was in the older days. The long years of study will demand more determination; separation from home and family will demand endurance. But they will emerge will their hand held forward, not to receive welfare, but to grasp the place in society that is rightly ours."

Languages:  Ojibway, English and French

Spirituality:  Roman Catholic and Native Culture

Families:  Majority of Dokis First Nation residents are "Dokis" and "Restoule".

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