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Education Services

Mission / Vision Statement

The Dokis Education Authority recognizes the importance of educating our people. We will reinforce the concept that our Native children are the key to our future as a people.

The educational system, which we offer our children will prepare them to be productive citizens of the world.

Our children will grow up with the knowledge that our Native heritage is something to be proud of and understand the contributions that our history has made to society.

Our children will be prepared to face the challenges of technology with the tools to enter the professions or trades and return to our First Nation with acquired skills and knowledge and for the betterment of our Native society.

Education Services Staff

Dokis First Nation Education Services staff can help you research information for post-secondary education; long-distance education (Contact North) or find information on our band-operated school. This section will help you determine what you are eligible for and what is available to you.

Education Administrator

Dokis First Nation Education Dept.
Telephone: (705) 763-2200
Fax: (705) 763-2087

Mailing Address:
Dokis First Nation Education Dept.
940-A Main St
Dokis First Nation, ON
Email: Please Call


A Note to Students

Remember, you must re-apply for funding every year.  I would also like to ask you to pass our website information to other students.

Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards from INAC are available throughout the year and a list of these can be found at . Please feel free to submit your application for these awards.

Dokis School

Our school's name is Kikendawt Kinoomaadii Gamig.

In the year 1918 summer school started at the Dokis Church.

1928 the Community Hall was built. School started in the hall on a regular basis that year.

1955 the first Dokis School was constructed. Grades one to eight were being taught there.

1995 the second Dokis school was built.

2005 the teachers and students moved in to the new school, "Kikendawt Kinoomaadii Gamig". As of Sept. 2006 we have grades 1-4. The staff consists of 4 teachers, and a secretary.

Email address for the school is

School Staff

Nathan Moore (Bio to follow)


Melanie Blanchard - JK/SK/Gr.1 Teacher

My name is Melanie Blanchard, I've been working at Kikendawt Kinoomaadii Gamig since September 2011.  I have 5 years of teaching experience at various schools located in Oshawa, Toronto and Fort Hope.

I love the work and the kids make me laugh everyday.  I've been living in Dokis since 2009 with my husband and daughter and we enjoy being part of such a friendly community right on the French River!


Linda Dokis - Secretary

I started working at the school in December 2002. I do just about anything at the school. I enjoy my job very much. I have lived in Dokis for 9+ years. I'm married with 2 children, a son and a daughter.






Education Department Documents

Download our:

Dokis Education Authority Polices [Word]

Dokis Education Authority Polices [PDF]

Download our:

Post-Secondary Education Policy and Administrative Guidelines [Word]

Post-Secondary Education Policy and Administrative Guidelines [PDF]

Download our:

Application for Funding [PDF] - (Must be submitted by Jan 31st of current year)

Education Release of Information

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