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The Dokis economic base is derived from a number of sources including small locally owned businesses. Private and band owned enterprises include businesses in construction, marina operation, catering, restaurant, transportation, tourism, eco-tourism, ecology, forestry and services to cottage owners on the French River.

Employment from tourism and recreation tends to be seasonal in nature.



Dokis First Nation is located approximately 16 kilometers southeast of Lake Nipissing, on the French River. It has a land area of approximately 157.5 square kilometers. It is divided into 2 large parts consisting of a north island, Okikendawt, and a large southern peninsula. The main settlement is found on Okikendawt island. Road access to the First Nation is by a gravel road which connects with highway 64, approximately 30 kilometers to the northwest.

Dokis has been involved in both the on, and off reserve logging since the late 1800's. Many of our members found employment with companies such as J.R. Booth, Fraser logging Co., J.B. Smith, and Hardy Lumber Co. A trespass and illegal harvest by the Hardy Lumber Co. in 1908 eventually netted the band over $1 million from the sale of the virgin timber. In 1956, Dokis formed their own logging company to pursue their own logging initiatives.

By the late 60's, early 70's Dokis, had an established interest in forestry, and was subsequently presented with their own crown allocation. It was located in Hardy Township and is known today as Dokis Block #103 and represents 1.8% of the Nipissing Forest. Dokis Logging Co. has now grown to 6 logging gangs, which employ between 15 and 25 community members over the course of the season. Dokis' forestry operations supply the area mill's of Tembec, Lajambe, Chartrand, and Overont.

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