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Band Council

Chief Gerry Duquette Jr.

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Denise Restoule - Deputy Chief

My first term on Band Council was in 2004 as a Councillor.  I was elected Chief in 2006, re-elected in 2008 and 2012.  I am the 1st female to be elected as Chief in our community.

I worked for 30 years in health programs as a direct service provider, a health planner/developer and in management both in our community and with the federal government where I oversaw the CHR Program in all First Nations in Ontario.  I successfully negotiated with Health Canada for the administrative transfer of health for the Dokis, Nipissing and Bear Island First Nations which resulted in a substantial increase in funding and expanded programs at all three First Nations.  For Dokis, this meant that our programs went from 2 full time positions to 10, an addition to the health centre and services based on our local needs.

As Chief, my focus has been on sound financial management, accountability to membership and funders, communication, community development, economic development, community involvement and working in collaboration with elected Council.

I enjoy travelling, gardening and nature.

The most special people in my life are my husband (Roger), my children (Brenda, Keith, Jenny and (late) Barry).  I also have 5 beautiful grandchildren (Brandon, Erik, Kaden, Luca and Bronte).

Investing in our people, our opportunities and our future is a must - to improve our health, our employment, our social and economic well-being.



Roger Restoule - Councillor

Roger RestouleI've recently been re-elected for my 11th term on Council. I was born and raised in Dokis. I worked for a number of years, for the Band, as a machine operator. I started my own business in 1976 and am the sole proprietor of "Roger Restoule Construction". I build residential and commercial buildings, docks, and cottages and provide regular upkeep and maintenance to numerous cottagers on the French River. I employ (seasonally) between 7 to 12 people. During the winter, I operate a logging business. During my political tenure, I've actively participated in government-to-government negotiations, local community development initiatives, in refining the way we do business and in improving working relationships.


Derek (Bud) Restoule - Councillor

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Chris A. Dokis - Councillor

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Roland Restoule - Councillor

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