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Gender Equity in Indian Registration Act (Bill C-3)

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The Governor in Council has announced that effective January 31, 2011, the Gender Equity in Indian Registration Act (Bill C-3) came into force.

Application Forms, Instructions and Information can be requested from our Indian Registration Dept.

Please note:  Applicants must mail application, documents and photos to the Winnipeg address shown on the first page of the Bill C-3 application form.

Individuals applying for registration under Bill C-3 will at the same time, complete an application to receive by mail, the new IN CANADA version of the Secure Certificate of Indian Status card (SCIS).

Registration Process for Bill C-3 Applicants:

  • Did your grandmother lose her Indian Status as a result of marrying a non-Indian?
  • Is one of your parents registered, or entitled to be registered, under sub-section 6(2) of the Indian Act?
  • Were you, or one of your siblings, born on or after September 4, 1951?

General enquiries on Bill C-3 should also be directed to:

INAC Public Enquiries Contact Centre
Toll Free:     1-800-567-9604

or for more information please contact
Dokis First Nation Indian Registration Dept
(705) 763-2200 Ext. 237.

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