Gerry Duquette Jr. - Lands Management Coordinator/Consultation Coordinator

Gerry Duquette

Dokis Land Management Website

Here is a link to the Dokis Land Management website. There we describe what a land management code is, why we as a First Nation are pursuing such a progressive goal, the benefits of successfully implementing our own land management code and also our voting dates.  We also discuss the history of the Framework Agreement on First Nation's Land Management, the participating First Nations and how it is an important first step towards the larger goal of First Nation self-governance.

What is a Land Code?

A Land Code is the basic enabling land law of the First Nation and will replace the Land Management provisions of the Indian Act.

As Land Coordinator along with the Lands Committee, which consists of, eight (8) members from Dokis we will be drafting the Land Code on the following matters:

Laws the First Nation can make:

For all other Lands questions - Certificate of Possession, Certificate of Occupation, Lot allocations, Estates Matters please contact Claudine Restoule Lands & Estates Office at 705-763-2200 ext.226.

Lands Management Process Document

Lands Management Process (PDF 551 Kb)