Dokis Corpus Christi Parish Community Church was built.


Summer School started in the Dokis Church for the children.


Community Hall was built and school began on a regular basis.


Spill-way was built.


Dokis School was constructed servicing grades one to eight. A non-native teacher was hired and stayed in the living quarters attached to the school throughout the school months.


The Dokis natives began feeling isolated and secluded in their remote homeland, with the only means of transportation to the outside community by boat in the summertime or by horse and sled across the frozen river in the winter. As a result of their isolation it was difficult to travel back and forth to town often to buy groceries, to get injured or elderly to the hospital or any other necessary trips to town.  Many deaths resulted.

Many members gave up their native status/their membership with the band and took their share of the band monies and moved off reserve. Therefore, in order to improve the situation a road was constructed to ease people’s fears and problems and to influence others to move back on to the reserve. The construction of the road cost $165,000 with a bridge joining the reserve to Crown land, and was paid by the band.  It later attracted tourists to the area.


Dokis First Nation formed their own logging company.


Community hydro system was serviced to Dokis First Nation as part of the Ontario Hydro network and paid for by the Band.


Dokis was the first reserve in Ontario to allow non-natives to hunt and fish on reserve land with a special license.


Dokis was the first reserve (besides the Arctic) to have a telephone service and directional radio tower installed.


Dokis children traveled to Monetville Public School for grades five to eight and to French River District Secondary School in Noelville for their secondary education. The bus line at the time was contracted to Ronald Restoule, a member of Dokis First Nation.  Presently it is contracted to Lindsay Dokis, also a member of Dokis First Nation. The students continue to attend Monetville Public School and currently attend Ecole Secondaire Northern Secondary School in Sturgeon Falls.


Dokis Marina was constructed to cater to band members and the increasingly growing tourist trade and operation.


Dokis Craft Shop constructed, presenting Native Crafts from the local members for sale.


First Band Office and Health Clinic built to service Dokis First Nation members.


Dokis Fire Hall and fire truck was purchased.


The teacher began traveling to and from his house, no longer living on the reserve for the school months.


The government gave native women who married non-natives, their status and their children’s status back under Bill C-31. There is now an affluxuation of these band members moving back to the reserve and claiming their legal rights.


A new Band Office and Health Centre are constructed allowing a greater number of jobs and services to be offered.


Fire hydrants are placed on the reserve to assist the volunteer fire fighters in their duty.


Water Treatment Plant was built.


Water system with lagoon.


A new Craft Shop is built replacing the old one. It is an authentic log cabin that is conveniently located by the beautiful shores of Dokis First Nation.


A Library is built to replace the one in the school, offering a greater number of volume, reference books and computers.


The Dam project was started.


Dokis got paved roads around the reserve.


A new school was built that held grades jr kindergarten to grades six. At this present time the school only has jr kindergarten to grades four.


Dokis Ball Field was built.


Community Complex was built.


Anishinabek Police Station was built in Dokis.


Independent Living Center for Elder's completed. New school starting to be built.


The new school opened on Jan 10, 2005. The name of our school "Kikendawt Kinoomaadii Gamig" – (Dokis Education Building).


Grand opening of the Kikendawt Wellness Centre: Ndang, Nwiiyaw, Jiibay (the old school building).


Construction on new lagoon begins. Completed 2008.


New Dokis Public Works Firehall built.


New Firetruck delivery to Dokis.

Highspeed Internet Tower built to offer highspeed service to staff & community.

Construction/Addition to Dokis Band Office & Dokis Health Centre begins in June.

Addition to Dokis Corpus Christi Church begins in July.


Ground-breaking begins for new Outdoor Covered Rink located by Dokis Ballfield.

Old Dokis Firehall is demolished to make way for added parking space to Band Office, Health Centre & Library.

Construction/Addition to Dokis Band Library begins in September.


Dokis Library Addition completed in November.  Open house scheduled May 2011.

New Outdoor Covered Rink nears completion - January 2011.  Ribbon-cutting ceremony to follow in 2011.


Construction commences on Okikendawt Hydro Project.